Day for Charity

Charity Day is a day when you work for two.

You do what you can best - your job - and at the same time you become a CHARITY FELLOW.

How it works:

Employee chooses one of their working days as their Charity Day. During this day the employee works normally but their salary (or part of it) goes to Charity. Employee works twice then - they do what they can best - their work - adnd helps people in need through Caritas.

Why to participate:

We speak about a unique CSR project thrugh which companies and their employees help people around them. To work for an employer who cares is cool! You can be sure that zor help is meaningful because Caritas helps professionally for 25 years. We will lt you know how money from your company and employees helped.

How to get involved: Contact us!

We will prepare all neessary documents and communication towards your employees fit exactly for your company.


Take part in Charity Day and help terminally ill patients to die at home.

I am a member of a team that is close to patients who decided to spend their last moments in home environment and to their families also. We secure professional palliative  care so that there is dignity and we prevent the patient from suffering. For families we offer support and often our help is a condition so that they manage to care about the close one with as few worries as possible. This knowledge makes my job as a nurse a true mission.

Charity fellow Iva, Home Hospice of st. Lucie in Brno

Take part in Charity Day and give a chance for a better future for kids and young people.

I work with young people (11- 21 years old) who are secluded from the interest of their family and society and spend most of their time on the street, facing negative influence as drugs and criminality. I support them in critical situations they would not handle themselves and in a way we give them a chance to change something and a hope for a better future that they do not get from the environment they live in.

Charity Fellow Jiří, Low-threshold centre for kids and youngsters Pohoda Hodonín

For Employers

Let your employees experience a special feeling during a usual working day. Thanks to Charity Day they can help while working.

We offer companies and institutions a unique concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Your employees work as on any other usual day but the Charity Day is special because they also help people in need.

How to get involved:

Contact us directly or by a contact form below and together we will plan next steps.

  • We will prepare data for your employees and you can just distribute them via the usual channels in your company.
  • As a company you can even up or enlarge the sum and bz this motivate your employees and stress that corporate responsibility is not an empty word for you.
  • We will highlight our cooperation online - on the web, Linked-In, social media.
  • We will inform you and your employees about how the donation helped.

Ways of coopeartion:

We prepared 3 ways of cooperation that can be tailored for your company.


Deductions from salary

convenient for small or medium sized companies.
  • You address your employees
  • Employees sign agreement with their involvement
  • Payroll will manage the salary deduction


Direct debit 

convenient for medium sized and large companies
  • You address your employees
  • Employees sign agreement with their involvement
  • Caritas will distribute emails with payment details
  • The employee makes the payment

Link for a payment gateway

convenient for large companies where internal rules prohibit to collect financial contributions
  • We will create a variable symbol for your company
  • We will prepare communication - mails, posters, flyers etc. for your employees with direct possibilities of supporting Charity Day
  • You address your employees and ensure distribution of the materials.

For Employees

Help with your work as a Charity Fellow!

Your job requires knowledge, skills and experience, same as helping others. Do your job and help employees of Diocesan Caritas Brno to help professionally at the same time.

Why to participate in the project?

Use your employer´s offer and join the Charity Dayin a way they offer to you. Donate part of your salary to Caritas and yu will work from one place for two people at the same time.

You will add 25 years of experience with professional help of Diocesan Caritas Brno to your know-how.

You will help people in need from a whole spectre of focus groups - pensioners, disabled people, mothers with children in need, homeless people etc. Yearly Diocesan Caritas Brno helps to 50 000+ people.

This way of help is very effecitve - you do what you can best and help during that.

Caritas will inform about ow your donation helped.

Do you like the Charity Day project but your employer did not offer anything like this? Contact us and we will contact your company!

They help as Charity Fellows:

pan Polášek (1)

Ing. Vladislav Polášek

Executive Director           (KAREL KAŇÁK, S.R.O.)

It depends on each of us how big the light is around us. That is why I decided to support this project and lighten up another imaginary candle.


Tomáš Groh

Managing Director (HARTMANN - RICO a.s.)

Time is a valuable asset that we control. I am very glad that many of my colleagues participated in this activity and use the opportunity to do what they are good at and at the same time be helpful for those who need it. The project gives a possibility to experience a good feeling and joy twice at one moment of time.

Radka Tesaříková

Radka Tesaříková

Human Resources        (KAREL KAŇÁK, S.R.O.)

I could have bought a new dress but I participated because it matters.

Contact us and become another coamapny that lets their employees experience a special feeling.

Anoter ways of help

Do you also want to become a Charity Fellow but your employer did not join the project? Never mind! You can become a Charity Fellow by yourself.

Last year had 251 working days which means 2008 working hours.

1186 eployees of Caritas in Brno Dioese therefore helped 2 381 488 hours to pensioners, terminally ill people, disabled people, people in accute crisis, homeless people, and many others.

 Average hourly pay in Czech Republic is approximately 200 CZK. How many hours will you donate to help others?

How can you donate:

All it takes to help is a minute thanks to the payment gateway Pays:

Click and donate one hour


Click and donate half working day


Click and donate whole working day

DONATE 1 600 Kč

Click and donate whole working week

DONATE 8 000 Kč

When entering the payment please fill your email address so that we can identify your payment and issue a confirmatio of the donation.

Payment to account:

Donate an arbitrary part of your woring day to account : 4211020077/6800 (Sberbank CZ)

When entering the payment please fill your contact details so that we can identify your payment and issue a confirmatio of the donation.

Company volunteering

Donate your working day to Caritas by giving us a hand. Paint walls, clean a garden, help with cleaning a closet. We will think of a work for smaller and bigger company groups.

Contact our volunteer coordinator Tereza Vesela: a.EobZ2n0lrvRYUSXkAyO1.7~bGkO1p

Do you have a different idea about how to support  a Charity Day? Contact us!



Barbora Skalníková

Head of Fundraising

+420 538 700 947
+420 739 324 742

Where to Find Us

Diocesan Caritas Brno

Třída Kpt. Jaroše 1928/9,

602 00 Brno

GPS: 49.2008269,16.6106736

Do you want to participate? Give us your contact details and we will come back with individual offer.


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